What is Wirtualus

Wirtualus is a groundbreaking all-in-one Virtual Reality (VR) content delivery platform that bridges various VR devices for the best experience.

It can feed interactive VR content from any other devices to your mobile phone. It brings immersive experiences one step closer to everybody’s daily life.

Wirtualus can be a great tool for everyone, especially bloggers, online publishers, commercial marketers and educational professionals.

Wirtualus VR

Our Product &

Features That Matter

Easiest VR Ever

Wirtualus solution makes common difficulties associated with VR history. VR becomes so easy that everyone starts to use it

Seamless VR Streaming

VR content is selected and played through your phone without you explicitly opening an app in it. For the first time, you can control the VR content through remote smart devices.

World's Smallest VR Headset

Exclusively partnered with TaaCam, providing a novel, extremely portable and high quality VR viewer

Patented Technology

The world’s first wearable VR headset in a phone case. Wirtualus is also compatible with other existing VR viewers on the market, such as Google cardboard, VRBox, etc.

Works With All Phones

Our technology works for all smartphones; including, but not limited to, Android, iOS and Windows phones.

No Need to Buy a New Phone

Unlike DayDream or Samsung Gear VR, the Wirtualus ecosystem does not require users to upgrade their hardware. Using what you have now, just sign up with us to enter a virtual reality world.

VR Anywhere

Now you can experience VR at anywhere you go. For the first time, your phone is truly VR enabled anytime and anywhere

VR Distribution

From desktop and laptop computers, iPads, tablets, flat panel TVs, digital projectors, and mobile phones, Wirtualus connects them all to your VR-enabled phone in your pocket.

VR Broadcast

Wirtualus delivers VR content to many users at the same time. The content playback is synchronized in real time..

Professional Markets

The applications of VR synchronized broadcasting are VR theatres, business project presentations, education, guided tours, museum exhibitions, etc.

Easy Publishing and Sharing

WIrtualus provides the best platform and web API for easy VR content publishing and social sharing

Scan to VR

For publishers, simply generate a QR code to put up VR content; for readers, scan the QR code with your phone to enter a virtual world.

VR Contents

Everyone loves special immersive experiences. Upload and share yours today!

Viking Village



Air Plane



Who We Are

Philosophy We Strive For

We are here to impact the world.

We believe Wirtualus will change the landscape of the VR industry.

Come and join us!

Technologies We Use

Vision science 95%
Digital image processing 89%
Web technologies and software 97%
Our love for people 90%

Team Members

William Tan

Business man and scientist

Richard Li

Mobile technology and software engineer

Simon Chong

Web technology and software engineer

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